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User-friendly and secure access to multi-currencies for hedge funds, enterprises, family offices and multinational businesses. Integrated, modern, seamless.

User Cases of the Transact product

A modular approach
to multi-asset transactions.

The Pay module builds on our base infrastructure layers and introduces:

<strong>Multiasset Hot Wallets</strong>

Multiasset Hot Wallets

<strong>Fiat on/off ramps</strong>

Fiat on/off ramps

Strong focus on <strong>regulatory compliance</strong>

Strong focus on regulatory compliance

<strong>Request for Quote Trading,</strong> with our user-friendly platform

Request for Quote Trading, with our user-friendly platform

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How it works,
in 4 simple steps.

It starts with meeting your needs...

We take the time to put ourselves in your shoes, and work to fully understand the scope of requirements you’re looking to fulfill – as a business, or as an individual.

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1. Onboarding

KYC/KYB Verification, Sanctions and Pep checks, wallet verification, signing service agreements

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2. Comms & Liquidity

Secure communication channels are set up, then we source liquidity and finalize rates per requirement

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3. Funds Deposited

Funds deposited to our custody provider, transaction is executed

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4. Settlement

Funds are settled to the clients nominated business account

...and leads to satisfied customers.

With DRFQ the payment is quick, easy and in you local currency, without hassle. Ensuring happy clients.

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